Staffa  Isle of my heart
1. Isle of Staffa  2. Lang Awa Ship  3. Gaberlunzie Man  
4. Westering Home  5. Roslin Castle / Hound of Roslin  
6. Welcome Royal Charlie / Eight pound Road  7. Cairn o' Mount  
8. William's Recovery / Birnie Bouzle  9. Jute Mill Song  
10. Hame frae Culloden  11. T' Shay Waltz  12. O' Alba
Songs of Robert Burns
1. A Bottle and a Friend  2. Tae the Weavers  3. On A Bank of Flowers  
4. The Rigs O’Barley  5. Scots Wha Hae  6. The Weary Pund O’ Tow  
7. Ye Jacobites By Name  8. The Braw Wooer  
9. Green Grow The Rashes  10. Crowdie Evermair  
11. MacPherson’s Farewell  12. A Man’s A Man For A’ That  
13. Gudeen To You Kimmer 14. To a Critic
Place In My Mind (CD),  
Early Mornin’ Late Night
People (LP),
Fifth Finger Music (LP)
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Can You Hear Me
1. Can You Hear Me  2. One Hand Clapping  3. Grass Is Greener  
4. Do You Know  5. Charmed  6. No Place Like Home  
7. Love Through The Years  8. Crossing Over  9. Time Marches On  
10. You Are There  11. Open The Door  12. The People In My Village
A Bottle and A Friend
1. The Promised Land   2. A Bottle and A Friend 
3. Cam’ Ye Oer Frae France   4. Butter on the Side   
5. A Perfect World   6. Far Away in Australia  
7. Mi Ain House/The Empty Saddle   8. Bessy and Her Spinning Wheel  9. The Parish O’ Dunkeld   10. Ae Fond Kiss  
11. To Pad The Road Wi Me   12. I Don’t Want To Be A Hero
13. The Spanish Lady  14. In The End